We provide a reliable, flexible and comprehensive staff hire service.

1. We chart your needs and find personnel who meet your requirements.

2. We organise staff relocation, accommodation, transport and, if required, uniforms and protective equipment.

3. We cover all legal issues in accordance with the labour legislation of both the country of origin of the staff and the country to which they are relocating.


It’s important to us that both our clients and our staff are happy. We value hard-working, highly skilled people and do our best to find the right person for every job – someone to whom the job will give the chance to truly prove themselves. This way we are able to guarantee our clients competent staff who are always motivated.

We check the backgrounds and abilities of all of the staff in our database before we send them to work for our clients. Naturally, all legal issues comply with both EU legislation and the legislation of the country to which the staff are sent.


Thanks to our extensive database of staff, which is constantly expanding, we are able to find the right people for jobs very quickly. We are also able to respond promptly to requests to increase or decrease staff numbers. Where needed, we are also able to contribute to staff recruitment and selection processes in addition to providing our convenient comprehensive service.


All that’s left for our clients to do is manage their work on site – we take care of everything else. We arrange for staff to relocate to your country, organise their accommodation, sort out transport for them to your site and, if required, obtain any uniforms and protective equipment they need. We also make sure that all of the obligations of the employer provided for in law are met. As our client, you are issued with one invoice for all personnel-related costs, and you only pay for work done.

This way we help make your staffing policy more flexible, saving you time, money and energy on personnel needs.