Job breakdown

1. The first contact
In one or another way the client and Staffer LLC have found each other. The first discussions about the stuffing requirements take place. The number, abilities, experiences of the workers and the length of the working period are charted.

2. Making the cost proposal
The price per hour of the rent personnel, the length of the rental period and other conditions are defined in the offer. On the basis of the offer you can decide if you want to continue the process.

3. Finding the suitable candidates
Due to your criterions we start to look for suitable candidates. We have got a constantly increasing database that includes the specialists from different fields that we have already interviewed, controlled and evaluated. In case of need we also use the possibilities of media to offer you the most qualified workers.

4. The interviewing and testing of the candidates
Staffer interviews and arranges the testing of the candidates to find out the knowledge, skills and acting in different work situations and chooses out the best worker.
There is also an alternate possibility for you to carry through the final process if you find it necessary. In this case Staffer sends you the materials of the candidates and arranges the suitable place and the time of the interview. After the final round we inform all the candidates about the results.

5. Conclusion of the contract
The conclusion of the personnel rent contract between you and Staffer

6. Supervision
We continuously held the contact with your company and supervise the rented workforce. If in some reasons the rented workforce does not fit or there are some other kind of problems we replace the problematic workforce free. We also respond quickly to your requests to increase or decrease the number of rental workers.